with thinking about more interesting blog

So,my young blog need to be more interesting,and now i have few ideas more to make it better:
As i do now i post every day:
  • Daily photo of or gif.

And every week:

  • One interesting fact about me.
 And here is something new:

 Every week i`ll post:

  • One interesting fact about me.
  • 4 things,that i love.
  • 4 posts from my fav blogs,what will be interesting or i`ll love them.
  • one thing,that inspired me this week.
  • weekly film or TV series ;)

Every month i`ll post:

  • One or two posts about my fav clothes or jewellery in some different internet shops.
  • Monthly "photo an hour" about one of my days(inspired by Dainty Squid)
So,here it is, hope this modifications will make this place much more alive! This things i will be able to post,but don`t forget about randomness in my life) i`ll post everything,what i want to remember)

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