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DIARY is a page with posts about my everyday.
 HAIR SECRETS is about my experience as a hairdresser,my hair portfolio and hair secrets.
 ART CORNER is the page where I will show you my artworks and comments about them.
SHOP is a place where you can order your personal artworks or where you can contact me and buy some artwork which one I already made.
This is the first blog where I decided to put not only photos, but also put in some sketches and my interesting memorable events. So, it's a kind of album of pictures with my comments and other stuff.

Actually this is an unusual blog because it will be sometimes REALLY explicit.
I am an artist, and my outlook may not be suitable for most of the standards of the society,
Somebody won't like this blog, and somebody will probably enjoy it.
If you don`t like it here, then just run while you still can, thank you ;) 
I'll try to blog in two languages,in my own(Russian) and in English, so please don't judge my terrible English.

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