Sonja`s wish list #2

Here is my new wish list number 2. A lot of things from Kate`s clothing , and from Black Milk.
  1. Necessary Evil Venda Mini Skirt with Suspenders (Kate`s clothing)
  2. Cross of St Peter Black Leggings (Black milk)
  3. Pamela Mann Gothic Kitty Tights (Kate`s clothing)
  4. Restyle Jumping Cat Fake Plug Earrings (Kate`s clothing) 
  5. Muscle and Bone Catsuit (Black milk)
  6. Alchemy Tentacle Earring - LIMITED EDITION!!(Kate`s clothing) 
  7. Fantasmagoria Absinthiana Choker (Kate`s clothing) 
  8. Sterling Silver Skeleton Hands Necklace (Kate`s clothing)

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