Last holidays

  Hi guys! I forgot to write about this month by the way,

actually I`m in UK again,working in the same place,like in the last summer,and I`ll be here only this month.
Aaand also Happy Birthday to my good friend Lesha,here is my gift to him,he was happy)
And last 5 days was so nice and full with fun)

who was your valentine?

 This was so sweet,

to get home from work late at night, and find this awesome surprise in our room,awww,thank you^^

new family member

Say hello to our new family member,Vivid

Her name is Vivid,and she is cute puppy! Today we had our first walk,and it was lovely,and also we saw a little surprise in 1-th February  -  snow,at least we have a snow outside!

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