My name is Anastasija Sonya Iv [Anaste'isha So'nya Yv]
I was born in a small European country called Latvia,Riga.

Quickly about me:

Right now I`m working as a hairdresser ✂💇 for Supercuts in some big shopping center in Kent(UK) called Bluewater. But I live in a beautiful old town Rochester with my life partner
 and our kitten called Sheldon Cooper :)
I love to travel,so at this moment I was living in Denmark for a couple of months and all around United Kingdom , was visiting Egypt and Belgium!
I can speak in three languages: Russian,Latvian and English,
so fell free to message me,if you want)
I`m free spirited person,and I LOVE to be inimitable in all) 
+ I am an artist ;3

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