i`m in love with this "black moon" and wishlist #3


This is PERFECT!,i`m in love with this shop! I really love those black-superlong-witch-clothes!
It costs a fortune of money to me, `cause I am poor student in a poor country,but....but...aaaah!
You must see this beautiful from Sisters of the Black Moon!! 

And here is my wishlist #3

  1. Pharaoh revival necklace
  2. Ursala neckpiece 
  3. Brass crystal fringe 
  4. Barnacle ring
  5. Fools gold 
  6. Ceremony bag
  7. Lizzy wrap necklace
  8. Wooden canteen 
  9. Anu Tera amethyst crown
  10. Phantom crystal 
  11. Anu tera brass choker 
  12. Vestige clutch
  13.  Onward ear cuff
  14. Small thorn ring

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