wishlist #4

Here is my wishlist number 4,I love this plugs<3

  1. Black & White Barbie Plugs 
  2. Galaxy Plugs 
  3. Kitty Cameo Plugs
  4. Coconut Wood Sprinkle Plugs
  5. Aperture Plugs 
  6. Me Gusta Plugs
  7. Coconut Wood Pink Flower Plugs
  8. Dark Galaxy Plugs
  9. Dreamcatcher Plugs
  10. LOL Face Plugs
  11. Dharma Plugs
  12. Deathly Hallows Plugs
All stuff from plugs by Emma

4weekly #2 and interesting fact #3

Now it`s time to remember about  weekly things,what i need to post!

4 weekly things I love #2 

  • Supernatural movies,my fav is "Underworld" all 4,i can watch them again and again.
  • Monsters,i love them from my childhood 
  • My favorite flowers are gladiolus, sorts of black jack,they are with black and red colors,
  • Storm,i really feel myself comfortably when i see it,maybe because sometimes i have my personal storm somewhere deep in myself.

Interesting fact about me #3

I was hit by a car,when I was 13 years old,  it was `kindda interesting,and it don`t hurt too much. I broke my arm,and then I understood, what just happened,I wanted just stand up and go home hah, I was been taken immediately to the hospital, there I had to spend at least a week, but I was so full of energy, I could`t sit still in my bed,and doctors was so tired of me, that I was discharged after 3 days
I`m not afraid of cars,and i don`t feel that I can be hit by a car again.

Thing,that inspired me this week #2

 Was watching "Fight club",again, but now it inspired me,I even had an idea to change my hairstyle,and the whole rest of the day I saw the world from different point of view  and I liked it.

weekly TV series #2

Hi guys! Here is another TV series,what I like! "Misfits"-idea of ​​the show is about few people serving sentences for some misdeeds through the public works,and by an accident, got some supernatural powers.Everything would be fine, but then they find out that not only they got such kind of powers. So here is the  problem - not everyone can manage this power, without killing anyone.
And btw I love "Misfits" opening song ;3
I give to this TV series 4.5 stars , I love it, why i don`t give a 5? Because it`s too short for me ) I want some more!

new piercing

Oh,forgot to write about my new piercing)
Now I have a nose piercing,I wanted to have a ring in my nose,but in the shop they don`t have it now,so I made a classic nose piercing,but I`ll change it,when It healths.
Soon i`ll show it ;P



 Yesterday was a little Birthday party,my classmate turned 18, 
congrats,since now all you have done before - is legally! :D


Вчера был маленький праздник в честь дня рождения однокурсницы)
Поздравляю,теперь всё что ты делала раньше - легально! ХД

more about UK

Hi lovely! So now everything is okay with my laptop and at least I can post everything what I want :3

from my weekends in United K ,meow meow!Not a lot of pics,but lovely memories c;
 London Stansted Airport,back to the Latvia

during the flight, only one song played on repeat:     Splin - I don`t want to go home

first post about UK weekends


So,hey people! Now I feel myself like a really fucked up person,that trip to UK was unexpectedly important for my private life, maybe because it was spontaneous idea to have a trip now.
It turned my world upside down. And btw now I have a little problems with some laptop programs,because of that I can`t post all pictures now,but I will try to resolve those problems today.
And i have some idea about nice short video from my journey)

Translation ♡

Ну чтож, сейчас я пребываю в странном подавленном состоянии,после поездки в ЮК.
Она оказалась неожиданно важной,так же как и всё спонтанное,что я делаю в своей жизни.
Перевернула мой мир с ног на голову,так сказать.
Сейчас у меня проблемы с некоторыми программами в ноуте,поэтому я выложу немного уже готовых фотографий с моей поездки) А остальные добавлю попозжее.
Есть даже идея насчёт видео,благо немного материала есть)

Вот фотка с вэбки в аэропорту,ожидая самолёт ) / Web cam pic from the airport)
 уже в ЮК,да я запостила без разрешения Х)

 this calendar is so fucking awesome!
 Ворчестер,примарк ХД / Whorchester,primark    love this pillow)

 Ну и мордаха) / My face D:

 ну как жэ без фоточек в примерочной ХДДД / Oh how we can live without photos in the dressing room :DDD

so my trip is ending today

Hello lovely! I was missing u all) rly!

So,today is the last hours before my flight back to the home.
I always was thinking,that your home is there,where is your heart.
So it looks like i`m leaving now that place,but my mind and heart will stay here.
That`s `kindda stupid, foolish girl)
But some moment`s what i meet here was a gratest feelings in my shitty life.
And if that person,which is my heart pain`s object will feel the same,than i`ll be back.
If we will need each other,I`ll be there for you.
xoxo Sonja.

Toy shop of horrors

This toy shop is soo strange, pink little kid`s dead bodies.

People, wtf? And you buy it to your kids? But alien eggs is lovely,haaaah!

about next two weeks,my flight,and new design again

Dear friends,it`s time to pack my suitcase,and get ready for the flight to UK.
And in this next two weeks I don`t know when i`ll be able to connect with internet,
so I promise that I`ll post all new pictures and my adventures as soon as it will be possible!
I planned a "huge bag" of interesting posts ,maybe videos, and,of course, photos ;3


about my new part of blog`s design again-I`m a strange person,who wish to get her blog more beautiful and easier all the time. And if I have a pretty blog,but goes a short period of time,and
I don`t like something again,this "something" makes me furious,and again I want to improve the blog. So hope it not disturb you,then I will find the design which makes me feel comfortable,I will stop!
xoxo Sonja.


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