about next two weeks,my flight,and new design again

Dear friends,it`s time to pack my suitcase,and get ready for the flight to UK.
And in this next two weeks I don`t know when i`ll be able to connect with internet,
so I promise that I`ll post all new pictures and my adventures as soon as it will be possible!
I planned a "huge bag" of interesting posts ,maybe videos, and,of course, photos ;3


about my new part of blog`s design again-I`m a strange person,who wish to get her blog more beautiful and easier all the time. And if I have a pretty blog,but goes a short period of time,and
I don`t like something again,this "something" makes me furious,and again I want to improve the blog. So hope it not disturb you,then I will find the design which makes me feel comfortable,I will stop!
xoxo Sonja.


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