Travel Plans for UK

Good morning people! Just wake up, now drink my huge cup of black tea with milk and think what to do today. Oh,i`ll write my plan,probably,now?
  • Have a walk in the middle of London
  • Meet my friends Katsu and Rum
  • Take a ton of pictures in London
  • Have fun with friends and do something crazy
  • Trip to the "Primark" <3<3<3 ✔
  • Take a ton of pictures in Chatham
  • Visit some museum 
  • Trip to the Worchester
  • Meet my friend Ren 
  • Buy a ton of  pretty new stuff for me 
  • Buy a gift for my bf V.
  • Find a witch shop 
  • Have a party hard 
  • Сome up with the adventures on my ass \м/ 
  • Don`t miss my plane to the home!!!  

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