4weekly #2 and interesting fact #3

Now it`s time to remember about  weekly things,what i need to post!

4 weekly things I love #2 

  • Supernatural movies,my fav is "Underworld" all 4,i can watch them again and again.
  • Monsters,i love them from my childhood 
  • My favorite flowers are gladiolus, sorts of black jack,they are with black and red colors,
  • Storm,i really feel myself comfortably when i see it,maybe because sometimes i have my personal storm somewhere deep in myself.

Interesting fact about me #3

I was hit by a car,when I was 13 years old,  it was `kindda interesting,and it don`t hurt too much. I broke my arm,and then I understood, what just happened,I wanted just stand up and go home hah, I was been taken immediately to the hospital, there I had to spend at least a week, but I was so full of energy, I could`t sit still in my bed,and doctors was so tired of me, that I was discharged after 3 days
I`m not afraid of cars,and i don`t feel that I can be hit by a car again.

Thing,that inspired me this week #2

 Was watching "Fight club",again, but now it inspired me,I even had an idea to change my hairstyle,and the whole rest of the day I saw the world from different point of view  and I liked it.

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