new drawing

Meow!Wazzup guys?

I don`t have a lot of time to write,`sorryyy, it`s because of work.
Today is my ~day off~,and I spend it in my bed sleeping,and I started to draw again) Here is my new drawing,just some few minutes,and I`ll finish it) In my plans is to draw 2 more ,just to leave them with my bf,like some pretty little gift.

Old photos from Latvia

 Some random old photos from Latvia)

Daugava river,view from ship)
 Street musicians are awesome!
 Lunna and Marina listening street music
me with all our five kittens
my little brother Lukas have a very beautiful eyesϟ
so funny kitten,Mi))

random stuff from my laptop


Hello guys,here is some random stuff from England) Street where I`m living)

ahah ;)
 Behind my home)


Рано утром,в Воскресенье,мне позвонила мама и сказала,что бабушка умерла.
Моё имя Анастасия,так захотела назвать меня бабушка. Оно означает - воскресшая.
Не смешной парадокс.

достучаться до небес 

some random nature and random stuff from UK :3


I really love England nature and architecture)
So here is few photos ,which I made 2-4 days ago.
It`s from my home,city where I live - Gillingham,and city behind mine - Chatham.
It was so funny to find this in the kitchen ;)
hope you`ll like it too)
But now I need to relax,because I need to go to my job at 3 o`clock at night :(
Have a nice evening!

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