Good morning to you! So,like i write in my last post ,i will plan my everyday ;)
So,here is today`s things that i need to do:
  • Have some breakfast.
  • Do some physical exercises for my ass(to do her not such horrible as she is now).
  • Post some cute gif with me(here it is :) )
  • Watch some new series of "Marlin".
  • Play with my little bro.
  • Talk with my friends about my journey in the march.
  • Drink some energy drink X)
  • Write to my tattoo master about next tattoo.
  • Clean my last tattoo 3 times today.
  • Сook dinner.
  • Don`t eat all kind of meat :<
  • Take some new pictures.
  • Record some new video.
  • Do something.
  • Be lazy.
  • Drink a huge cup of tea.
  • Watch some suicide girls :3
  • Love all people,who will read this )
So,today i`m lazy,sometimes it`s good to be ill.

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