boggart in my house

I hate this place where i live now.
I`m alone again,and now really scared.
In russian culture they think,that a lot of houses have their own spirits,
we call them - домовой, from russian it means- boggart.
So boggart of this hous don`t like me and i don`t like him.
now i 3 times turned off the light in the kitchen-i go from my room
and the light is always on.
so i was SOOO scared.At the beginning i was thinking that it`s my fault- too stupid to turn it off,
but  at the last 3-th time i am shure 10000000% - i turned it off!!
So i wanted to make him more happy - i went to the kitchen ,and started to make a special
eating for home spirits-small plate with milk with honey,and he turned the light off then
i was there!!!!I`m scared as fuck!!! But i put the milk&honey in the floor and just go away.
Fuck,i`m weird.

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