my wish list


    Hi beautiful! Here is my wish list,i love this cute stuff,i want i ,want, i want !!!
    1. Spandex Aurora space galaxy graphic leggings. 
    2. Waist Boned Corset. 
    3. Heart Organic Cherry Wood Ear Plugs.
    4. Gun Print Nude Tights.
    5. Lace White Suspender Tights.
    6. Anomalous Hemline Black Skirt
    7. All-over Rivets Bra
    8. Skeleton bone hands hair slide
    9. Hair Colour Star Dawn 
    10. Hair Colour Star Purple
    11. Ankleboot Skull 
    12. Earrings Cameo Ouija
    13. Pug wood plugs.
     This stuff is from , and and

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