day 6,video challenge

Hi again! I think will be better to blog now my 6-th video about " Where you went out today".
It`s quite interesting,because there is some places i visited yesterday, and something from my new photo session for suicide girls  in some lovely art academy,btw,this academy is behind old-old German cemetery, and it is very beautiful in the summer.

here is some pictures from my set ))

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Dreams.
3. Your personality in person and online.
4. Most difficult experience(s).
5. Your cell phone.
6. Where you went out today.
7. Tour of your bedroom.
8. Favorite songs.
9. Favorite movies.
10. Views on love and relationships.
11. Someone you miss.
12. Someone you admire.
13. Something you want to do now.
14. Your future.
15. Final words.

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