day 3,video challenge

Hello,here is the next video from the challenge c;
i`m sorry about long silent about challenge,but i will do all 15 videos!
Actually i think i don`t understand right what i need to do now,so i just recorded 4 hours of today,
at that moment i wanted to make myself prettier for the photo session,so i made some makeup.
I have no idea what is wrong with sound in the video,i remake it 3 times and music still continuing earlier,than video,but i made it at all the video ;(

and this is the result of my makeup c;

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Dreams.
3. Your personality in person and online.
4. Most difficult experience(s).
5. Your cell phone.
6. Where you went out today, places you love, and places you want to visit.
7. Tour of your bedroom.
8. Favorite songs.
9. Favorite movies.
10. Views on love and relationships.
11. Someone you miss.
12. Someone you admire.
13. Something you want to do now.
14. Your future.
15. Final words.

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