+more #100happydays

Day 62.Wi8ch bi8ch finished her leg tattoo

Day 63. Received my two packages from ebay.
Day 64. Unlucky day,but I don`t miss my train,uuffff!

Day 65. Found this guy in some "Rimi" shop in Daugavpils, was really surprised ЧЮВК Т УПРТ.
 Found our old school photo with +Katsu Fury 
Day 66. Printed photos are captured with this awesome old camera,unfortunately only few of them are good,but I'm just learning how to use that old camera, and I will try more times.
 Day 67. Family day, had a lot of fun in Mez`apark.
 ( little bro,dad and mum :D )
Day 69. Something fresh ,betha test / зеленоглазое такси не томози,не тормози #100happydays челочка= +80к мимими.
 Meet my +Katsu Fury and spend few hours together in my working plase
 Day 71. Finally started to learn some questions for my exams,and suddenly found my drawing in old notes.
 Day 72. Let the summer begins!
 Day 73. Kitty with balls :D
Day 74. Have a cute walk together <3
Day 75. Делала себе педикюр и решила порадовать братюню тоже. Интересно,когда он заметит? Ничего,скажу что случайно слегка увлеклась >:) #100happydays ЛАЛ SURPRISE pedicure for my bro 

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