One usual day before my exams.

Meow,meow guys.As I write here before,I`m in Daugavpils now,waiting for my lats exams and chillin` in some awesome place in the center of  Daugavpils,and here is really nice place.
Maybe it`s SWAG,but I love to sit there behind the window holding my laptop or eating something.
I feel a little bit strange now,`cause I am too calm,It`s only 2 days left and the day "X" will come,dunno why I am like some phlegmatic person now. Btw every night now I see the same dream,actually I don`t remember it clearly,but I think it`s like the short episode from my life,how I am passing my exams, I seee the fuuutuuure,uuuu :D
Ohh,HOW I LOVE this door and the balcony outside it!
Have a nice day!

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