Ligo day

Today is a really special day in Latvia. It's a celebration of midsummer - something people wait around for the whole year. It almost doesn't get dark, maybe for an hour or two if at all. We make a huge fire, gather together with our families and friends and cook food.

There are also many other pagan traditions like searching the woods for a special mixture of plants, putting them under your pillow and receiving prophetic dreams about your soul mate♥ The nature is in full bloom and the forests glow in the light of glow worms, accompanying the symphony of crickets.

Times like these always make me so sad to be away from home,also I have an important exams 25 jun,but this "Ligo" starts in 23-24,so I`ll pass this day,and I`ll be away from my family,in D-pils,another city where I`m studying.
Happy Ligo, my dear Latvian friends.


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