+11 #100happydays

Day 18. Healthy breakfast after my first morning ride with bicycle.
 Day 19.Finished my new tattoo today ★ still need one more day to correct the crystal - a part of this 'tatt.
 Day 21.sunset/my evening run with Vivid.

 Day 22.Cute evening with Sono.
 Сидели в кружочке на кухне в троём,тыркали самодельные свечки и болтали.
 Day 23.Perfect eyebrows day★
 Day 24. Cooking cacao after my morning bicycle ride.
Day 25. Spontaneous guest @iphantomile.
 Found this flowers, during my bike ride.
 Day 26. Morning starts with fruits and green tea joghurt ,thank you @iphantomile <3
 Today's morning was warm and we had a very strong fog outside, like if you walk trough the Silent Hill)
 Day 27. Here is a new pic of my sleeping cat, but i'm happy, that today I escaped from some car accident, during my bike ride, btw it was my fault,everything is okay,and ppl be careful on the road, seriously.
 Day 28.little box has reached the destination.
 Day 29. Every day I`m happy to have my big family behind me.
 Few days ago I meet this cute situation while i was waiting my bus, kid was feeding a birds, and they where eating right from his hands, so cute.
 'Dunno why, but from all places, what I visit during my bike ride, this is my favorite. This place have it own magic,every time when I'm there, i feel myself like if i where in some US countryside ,love that feeling.
Have a nice happy day ppl :)


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