#100happydays +10 days more

 `Yase,I`m still inn)
Day 11 - Try new oil and liquid for my hair ) 
Day 12 - Have all stuff what i need , let's start★
 Day 13 - 3 drawings are already done.
 Day 14 - Happy to listen a song written by my bf to me <3 love u ^^ 
 Day 15 - Love to start the day from healthy breakfast ★ have a nice day ppl!
 Day 15 - Found old old camera, and just started to learn how to use it, awesome!
Day 17 - Special box to special man /in progress.

Day 18 - Girls night!
Day 19 - Art day. Box still in progress. 
 Renewed the white color, so this little pretty thing is ready to travel to UK, this is another part of my surprise to my crush )
 Day 20 - Vivid are thinking that today is a perfect day for a walk.

 Tiny park and ducks in 'da water)
Brother escaping from my camera :D

 little gift box in progress #2

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