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Inspired me this week #6:


Street musician James Bowen and his loyal ginger Tom cat, Bob, found each other in 2007 when their lives were at a low ebb. Their story is told in the book A Street Cat Named Bob .And i really want to read it<3

Fav blog posts #5: 

Weekly movie #6:

The Avengers
Hulk, Rogers, Stark, Thor, Barton and Romanoff have a big battle with aliens and Thor`s brother Loki. I really loved this film,and yesterday I watched the movie again)

Interesting fact about me #6:

  Then I turned 18(in the next day) ,I went to UK for a living,alone and without money,it was my first flight with airplane. I loved United Kingdom`s nature,it`s too beautiful to leave it. But I had a lot of problems there,so I went back,to Latvia. I was living in England half of the year.
also,i still have a calling card,from the first salon,where I made my first tattoo ;3 ir`s ~3,5 years old

This is me 4 years ago,in London`s park '>'


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