Weekly TV Series#3/fav blogs#2/fact about Sonja#4/inspired me

Hello dear.
It`s time for my weekly posts)so here they are:

Weekly TVSeries 3#:

Lost is a drama series containing elements of science fiction and the supernatural that follows the survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles, on a mysterious tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean. The story is told in a heavily serialized manner. Episodes typically feature a primary storyline on the island, as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character's life.
It`s REALLY interesting!
and i give him 5 pentagrams!

 Weekly fav blogs posts #2

 Interesting fact about me #4

 I was studying a music for 9 years,and I can play piano. I really love to play,and if I had a better teacher, I`m sure I`d like to go to work in music industry or something like this,but 9 years we hate each other,and she killed my desire. She just wanted her money for my lessons,so,Thank you Aina Zuravleva,hah.

 Thing,that inspired me this week#3:

It`s Afi`s old song,recently found it and I feel, that some of the phrases are just like in my inner world now,so who said that we love songs,what show our emotions? You are right dude.
Here is this song`s lyrics in English and Russian languages :

*oh and now i`ll post my beloved music sometimes,and in my post will be this picture,if there is a link to some music
 Walked into our world and made                                                        Still each time I always meant,
В наш мир проникают и раздаются                                                 Я всегда имел в виду
Horrible sounds.                                                                                  Every word,
Ужасающие звуки...                                                                          То, что говорил,
I can still hear them today                                                                   Every one.
Даже сегодня я слышу их.                                                                Каждое слово...
(strangely they seem)                                                                          Though in time
Странно, но теперь они кажутся                                                   Хотя со временем
Beautiful now,                                                                                     They finally bent,
Прекрасными,                                                                                    Они потеряли свой смысл,
though they outlast my love.                                                               Every word,
Хотя и пережили мою любовь...                                                     Каждое слово,
                                                                      Every one.
                                                                          До единого...
Every word.
Каждое слово...

"I will wait for you." She said,                                                             I returned to you but found,
«Я буду ждать тебя», - Повторяла она,-                                       Я вернулся к тебе, но увидел
Endlessly.                                                                                             My empty home.
«Вечно» ....                                                                                          Лишь пустой дом...
"I will wait for you." So spoke,                                                            The radio told me to stay.
«Я буду ждать тебя» - так говорило                                              Радио просило меня остаться.
Misery.                                                                                                  As it burned down
Само страдание...                                                                              Поскольку всё сгорело дотла,
                                                                                                              I sang alone.
                                                                                              Я пел в одиночестве...
                                                                                              You will outlast my love.
                                                                                                           Ты переживёшь мою любовь...

Still each time I always meant,                                                             Every word.
Я всегда имел в виду                                                                           Каждое слово...
Every word,
То, что говорил,
Every one.                                                                                            "I will wait for you." She said,
Каждое слово...                                                                                  «Я буду ждать тебя». - Повторяла она,-
Though in time                                                                                      Endlessly.
Хотя со временем                                                                               «Вечно»...
They finally bent,                                                                                 "I will wait for you." So spoke,
Они всё же потеряли свой смысл,                                                    «Я буду ждать тебя» - так говорило
Every word,                                                                                           Misery.
Каждое слово,                                                                                     Само страдание...
Every one.                                                                                              
До единого...


I have been waiting for you,                                                                    I will wait for you.
Я ждал тебя...                                                                                       Я буду ждать тебя...
Biting as you taught me to.                                                                     I will wait for you.
Кусаясь, как ты меня учила...                                                              Я буду ждать тебя...
I have come to relieve you,                                                                     I will wait for you.
Я приехал, чтобы освободить тебя                                                    Я буду ждать тебя...
Of life and love.
От жизни и любви...

I will wait.
Я буду ждать...

I will wait.
Я буду ждать...

"I will wait for you." She said,                                                                  "I will wait for you"
«Я буду ждать тебя». - Повторяла она,-                                             Я буду ждать тебя...
Endlessly.                                                                                                   Wait for you,
«Вечно»...                                                                                                  Ждать тебя
"I will wait for you." So spoke,                                                                   Endlessly.
«Я буду ждать тебя» - так говорило                                                   Вечно...
Само страдание...

I will bite straight through.
Однажды я пробьюсь,
As I wait for you
Поскольку буду ждать тебя...

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