7 Hair care tips for swimmers

Swimming is a fantastic low impact exercise for your body; it’s just very high impact on your hair.
Chlorine and salt can dry and damage your hair, so swimmers need to take extra care of their hair.
I love the water and I dream of having mermaid hair. I feel like Disney is to blame for some unrealistic expectations about what my hair actually looks like when I come out of the water however I have a few new tricks.


1. Beach hair secret
For perfect beach hair, keep a spray bottle of leave-in conditioner in your beach bag. Salt is drying on your hair and opens up your hair cuticle. Close it down with a leave-in spray that you can scrunch through your hair when you get back to your towel.
You can make your own leave in conditioner spray by mixing 1 part of your fave conditioner with 4 parts water in a spray bottle. Give it a shake and spray it all over your hair, especially on the ends.
2. Wet your hair before going into the water
Whether swimming in the sea or in a pool, saturate your hair with fresh water before you dive in. Hair that is dry will automatically absorb the salt and chlorine but hair that is already wet won’t.
3. Rinse your hair straight away
Even if you’re not washing your hair, rinse your hair straight after swimming with fresh water. You want to remove any salt or chlorine residue as soon as possible so that it doesn’t dry in your hair.
4. Show your hair some love
If you’re spending a lot of time in the water, do a weekly conditioning treatment. Salt and chlorine will dry your hair out and if you’re not using a treatment under your swim cap, then add one into your weekly routine. Your hair will love you back.
5. Use a clarifying shampoo
If you’re a regular swimmer, switch your regular shampoo over to a clarifying shampoo about once a week. This will remove any chemical residues in your hair from the pool.
6. Wear a swimming cap
If you love swimming laps, invest in a swimming cap. You may feel funny wearing it at first but you’ll get used to it. Plus your hair will thank you for the extra protection.
7. Treat your hair while you swim
Now this is the trick that will really leave your hair better than when you started swimming. Apply a hair treatment under your swimming cap! Choose a hydrating deep conditioning treatment (NOT a protein treatment). Wet your hair and apply the treatment, concentrating on the midlengths and ends of your hair. Comb it through and put on your swimming cap. When you come out of the water, your hair will feel amazing. Now that’s encouragement to do a few extra laps too.

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