Art of bones or Lady Locks creations

Hello guys,sorry about long silence here,in my blog,meh!
Few months ago I discovered this unique artist,and now I can`t stop following her creations.
Here is her story where she explains how she found this awesome idea to create jewellery from bones.
"All animals have died of natural causes. No animal was harmed or hunted for my work. *cruelty-free*
ART is self expressive and personal. People are going to hate it and people are going to love it. As an artist, don't expect either.

A little over 5 years ago I discovered the remains of a dog on the train tracks near my house. It still had its collar around its (nothing but bone) neck. I felt sad for this animal, not knowing exactly how its life came to an end, but i felt the need to give back somehow.

After much research I taught myself how to clean and preserve animal bone. Many times i failed, but it was a learning experience. I had already been taught how to make jewelry from my mom. She has greatly influenced me with her unique creativity with vintage period pieces of jewelry which has also inspired most of my work. I then decided to create one of a kind jewelry pieces out of animal bones.

My respect and love for each and all animals is so great, that I am inspired by nature itself to give them a new beauty and new life after their death
Finding these animal remains in nature while either on hikes or walking on wild trails is one of my main sources. Even recycling road kill specimens who's life was unfortunately taken away in a violent matter, I feel, is one of the best ways to give the animal respect and give its life meaning since it was taken away so quickly.

I have been taught my whole life to never let anything go to waste. I believe this includes our wildlife. Our modern world wastes so much and often undervalues animal life. I feel called to collect these creatures whether its found in the woods or on the side of the road. No animal should be left to go to waste."

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